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Casino Barcelona Online will use NetEnt software and games

Casino Barcelona is one of the most prestigious casinos in Europe and leader in the sector. A place where sophistication meets the most innovative game systems and offer an athmosphere unique game.
On this new website, you can play online versions of the best casino games, with maximum security and guarantees.

The Casino of Barcelona (now also a online casino) is a place to enjoy table games, poker tournaments, slots, gastronomy and events. Also offer in his online version a renewed web using NetEnt software who also offers their games.

Casino Barcelona Online, the online versión of Casino of Barcelona, has signed with NetEnt leading provider of online games, a software license agreement. With this agreement, Netent will supply the catalog of premium games under the catalan brand casino.

This will be incorporated into other options already provided on the web and new games, live roulette, slots, and sports betting.

The COO of European Markets NetEnt, Enrico Bradamante, shows its conformity in this collaboration and adds that “with the support of this strong local brand, we see great growth potential and both after the commercial launch”.

Meanwhile, Xavier Ballester, director of the Casino Barcelona Online, says: “This agreement is part of our strategy, Casino Barcelona (both the original and online casino) always we strive to offer our players the most complete selection of games and content with the highest levels of quality. Including NetEnt games in our online casino brand, give us the opportunity to offer our players a higher level of entertainment excellence.

In addition to this agreement we have tried to establish a multi-channel strategy where these new games has different channels NetEnt for computer, tablet, and mobile version.

The Casino Barcelona Online thanks to this incorporation became one of the most imporant casinos nationally.