NEWS » MGM is building a new casino in Western Massachusetts worth $ 800M
With confetti and fanfare broke MGM officially land  on  Tuesday, March 25, with the 800 million dollars casino in Western Massachusetts which represents the largesteconomic development project that the region has seen  through several  generationsHundreds took part in the ceremony that was held on a cold but sunny day in front ofan old school, which c asinot plan to destroy in order to pave the way for a parking lot .Groundbreaking was to a large extent very  symbolic: Casino officials  said  that there is more to göra innan bygget kan starta allvar Men händelsenmarkerar en betydande utveckling i New Englands eskalerande casino race .
MGM is trying to become Massachusetts first casino resort,  which  more century  counterparts in Connecticut and Boston area also trying to open casinos.   “We are No. 1  in Vegas , and we will be No. 1 in New England, too , no matter what Connecticut doing , ”  explained  CEO Jim Murren .
Here’s what you need to know about the project , which officials hope will  be opening  its doors in  2017 :

The plan for casino

  • MGM casino  will be  developed on  a  14.5 hectare site in central and southern end of  the neighborhood an  area  which  is still recovering from the  devastating tornado  in  2011 .
  • The casino will have  a total of  3,000 slot machines , 75 gaming tables and a 250-room hotel . It will also contain  shops , restaurants ,  m ötes-and office – premises, including  residential apartments .
  • The project has been billed as a  unique , urban-centered  c asino which will restoring or reusing the whole or parts of a number of historicbuildings , including a  castle-like  armory .
  • The casino  will also preserve  the  traditional skyltfönsternas range  from the pedestrian street  and offer newcentral facilities such as  a publicplaza , skating rink , movie theater and a bowling alley .

What are the steps?

  • Before construction can begin in earnest , need MGM , the State Historical Commission approval of  the plan  to demolish some  of the  historicbuildings on the site .
  • MGM Springfield’s Chairman Michael Mathis said  the  company hopes  to  to solve the remaining issues with the Commission during the comingweeks .
  • During the time , says he  there is plenty of work to be carried out on even , ranging  from the environmentsoil testing to ceiling  and asbestoscleanup .
  • “It has really turned into a construction site , ”  said  Mathis  on  Tuesday . “We are disappointed that we  did not is completely full with the historicalissues . They are really concerned about thepreserving some of the great historical structures in place . They had a list of questions and ,  first, as has  we  tackled them all with our design and  that  we are also a better project for  the site . “