Casino Barcelona

Casino Barcelona Online will use NetEnt software and games Casino Barcelona is one of the most prestigious casinos in Europe and leader in the sector. A place where sophistication meets the most innovative game systems and offer an athmosphere unique game. On this new website, you can play online versions of the best casino games, […]

Online gambling will increase until 2020

A study by Juniper Research titled “Mobile Gaming and Online: Casinos, Lotteries 2015-2020” provides a positive and with future development in the sector worldwide. 2019 established the fact that more than one in ten adults worldwide will play in some mobile or online game. The causes of these expectations are that according to the report, […]

Atlantic City ranked the worst business

Wednesday was a double “whammy” for the already shaky national image of Atlantic City. First was ranked Forbes troubled coastal casino, a samhällsdöd among the nation’s 200 largest metropolitan areas in the business climate, when taking into account factors such as employment, education, cost of doing business, quality of life and a number of other […]

MGM is building a new casino in Western Massachusetts worth $ 800M

With confetti and fanfare broke MGM officially land  on  Tuesday, March 25, with the 800 million dollars casino in Western Massachusetts which represents the largesteconomic development project that the region has seen  through several  generations.  Hundreds took part in the ceremony that was held on a cold but sunny day in front ofan old school, which c asinot […]

Cosmic Fortune – a new awesome slot machine!

NetEntertainment succeed time and time again produce new cruelly cool and exciting slot machines with a variable of different exciting themes. This time it is the cosmic slot’s Cosmic Fortune’s turn, running off with a short intro video that reminds us of Space Invaders. The game itself is reminiscent again of a game with marbles, […]