NEWS » Online gambling will increase until 2020

A study by Juniper Research titled “Mobile Gaming and Online: Casinos, Lotteries 2015-2020” provides a positive and with future development in the sector worldwide. 2019 established the fact that more than one in ten adults worldwide will play in some mobile or online game.

The causes of these expectations are that according to the report, buying lottery will end up migrating to traditional mobile channels as the increasing liberalization of the online markets in United States and Europe will lead the growth in the use of services casino and sports betting in these devices.

Also, the research provides more data below is positive line. As, according to Juniper Research, in Italy and the UK nearly half of adults participate in mobile and online games 2019. They also indicate that in the United States in the states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are several companies operating authorized such services that have experienced a tremendous growth in revenues in the past two years.

And, although the lobby of the United States land casinos remains opposed to legalizing online in many states, there are offshore gambling sites that still accept bets from that country, and that brings them high levels of traffic. For this reason, reports that more states seek to legalize online gambling within state lines in order to get more revenue, all from a pragmatic perspective.

Regarding Europe, the research warns that, while waiting for the European Union to implement the latest directive body on money laundering to achieve greater harmonization of policies of the member countries on gambling.

“The introduction of prohibitive tax rates simply lead to an exodus of top players to unlicensed operators” said a co-author of the report Windson Holden.