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Roulette Rules

Roulette is a helskön casino classic that you’re sure to like once you’ve learned the basic rules! The game is equipped with a bullet, a numbered wheel and a game table full of different betting opportunities.

Actually, the game’s basic idea is very simple, you only need to guess where the magic ball will land in the wheel, and if you guess correctly you shall reap the profits. The payouts are dependent on what you choose to focus on, you can bet on color, individual numbers and different variants of the number groups. There are also different roulette systems  that you can play with, which gives you under the laws of probability greater chance to win. We come to this later, but first, you have to have an eye on the rules before you can start thinking about playing with different systems.

To start playing Roulette

Roulette regler - Casino Online WikiAccording Roulette rules so running the game started, you choose what number, number groups, or what color you want to bet on. When you roll made your decision, starts the wheel spinning, and the ball spun toward the opposite direction until it stops at a certain number, after which the round is out and you either won or lost.

The game table is equipped with ten boxes and tens of different betting opportunities and it can give a first impression of the game is very complicated, but only after a few minutes exploring, you are guaranteed to have an idea of ​​how the game is played. By reading the basic rules below, you are ready to sit down at the gaming table and take home all the great benefits that the game has to offer.

As previously stated, it is the Roulette rules are very simple and easy to understand: You decide what you want to bet on, after which you need only wait for every ball stops on the wheel and check if you took home some winnings.

The game is played with a wheel which has 37 separate “gaps”, or boxes, yes you choose what you want to call them, where odd numbers are marked with red color and even numbers with black color. There is also a zero which is marked with green color, these roulette rules apply when playing the European version, the American version the wheel has two zeros. European version offers better profit opportunities, which is why it is more popular than the American version. Once you have chosen what you want to bet on, puts the dealer (dealer) running wheel and at the same time spinning the ball in the opposite direction. When the wheel speed slows down, the ball will fall into a specific slot each for the game round ends and all the results counted.

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Different betting options

What makes the game exciting, and maybe just a bit complicated is the many different investment opportunities. You can bet with dozens of different varieties, but there is no need to learn all from the beginning. You can play with only one number, there are many players who try their luck by betting a few euros on only their own favorite numbers. If you have luck on your side and the ball stops at your own lucky numbers, well then you shall reap a profit of as much as 35 times your bet. Roulette rules are very generous and exciting because all the different betting opportunities are actually “just as good”, ie the house edge is exactly the same regardless of what you choose to bet on. Below you can see how a game table in the European variants looks, you can also see here the different investment opportunities.

Roulette regler - Casino Online Wiki

You can bet on a specific number, number that is on the same line in the table, red or black, high or low numbers, even or odd couples etc. You can also bet on several different, and at the same time play with better profit opportunities. Depending on the variant of the game and variant of roulette rules you play with so you can play with up to several tens of different betting opportunities simultaneously.

For each bet option, ie, a number, group number or color and so on. there is a defined gain factor with which you can calculate how much you will win. If you choose to bet on only one number combs you that we previously had named, home of your original bet X35, if you instead choose to invest in color and you win your bet usrprungliga double up. As you may notice, this is the roulette rules very logical and easy to understand, when there are only 37 numbers and three colors.

The neutral role in the game is pretty small, but it guarantees that the casino has a slight advantage, because without this would payback percentage for the players to be 100%.

Gains and Odds

Roulette  is a game of chance, because it gives no chance for players to use skill. You can play smart by using different probability laws but with skill, do not much when you play this favorite. It is also one of the reasons why the game is so incredibly popular, because you can relax and simply think of nothing when you play this casino classic. You have the same chance of winning, regardless of what you choose to bet on the likelihood of each betting option is the same as the gain factor (apart from zero).

You can see below the international roulette rules for different investment opportunities and profit factors:

  • A single number: 35
  • Two numbers: 17 (two numbers next to each other)
  • Three numbers: 11 (row outskirts)
  • Four numbers: 8 (four numbers next to each other)
  • Six numbers: 5 (two-line fringe)
  • A column of numbers: 2
  • A number group of 12 numbers (1-12 / 13-24 / 25-36): 2
  • Number Group of 18 numbers: 1

Once given you into the magic spinning wheel, you will quickly have an idea of all the different betting options. Once you’ve learned the basic rules, you can now take a look at different systems such as the well-known Martingale , or why not start playing right away? Choose one of the casinos we mentioned above and start playing!

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