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Have you heard of slots online? If not, maybe you recognize the slot machines, or video slots? Yes it is called the dear child has many names, and that´s what you really can say about these games.

Great, entertaining games that you can today, thanks to all online casinos play anywhere and at any time no matter where you are. If you are lucky, you can even win big jackpot winnings up to several millions when you’re waiting for the bus, by playing in a mobile casino.

We have here below listed the very best casinos online that offers you many awesome slots online:

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These games are today one of the most played online and you also have chance to audition all the games you want — all for free.

Play free slots online

There is many casinos online that offer you an opportunity to try out the games for free with free play money. Which means that you can find your way to your favorite slot online without wasting your money on games you don’t like.

In addition to the ability to play for free with free play money, you can take advantage of generous welcome deals to play slots online for free. The advantage of the welcome deals is that you actually have the chance to win real prizes and money, which you don’t have when you’re playing with fun money, when all your winnings are not real money winnings. In order to receive the welcome offers, you only need to register, after which your account will usually be filled with generous free spins and bonuses.

You can play slots online and take advantage of the generous welcome deals here:

There are incredible many and yes you can almost say endless online slots to choose from, the easiest way to find your own favorite is simply to start playing. Play with free play money or register and get free spins, it makes no difference – we are sure that all games will keep you entertained, and that the particular favorite will quickly be obvious.

If slots online are completely new to you, join us for a closer look at these great games.

Favorite games that suits everyone

Shortly, these games will fit all, whether you are a more experienced player or beginner. You maybe remember these slot machines from the classics that you see in old movies, in the casinos or maybe even in the convenience store.

To be able to categorize a game slot machine, video slot or slots online, the game needs to be equipped with wheels (usually 3) and pay lines. Easiest variant is equipped with three reels and one payline. The basic idea is to get the winning payout combinations on the paylines. In the old slots they played it with one payline and won the benefits with three equal symbols on the pay line.

Slots Games - Casino Online

Slots Online today has taken a rather quick step forward, if one may say so, you will find everything from funky special functions, bonus features, jackpots of many millions to the sound effects that make you feel like you are in a movie theater. This also leads to a lot of games that has been difficult to get an idea of the wheels just spinning around, different symbols are flying out over the wheels and winnings just filling your account. Whether you understand it or not, we can ensure that the slot machines online will always entertain you.

Slots online is one of the most played games, which might come as a surprise for many, but if you think about it more closely, they offer entertainment and the chance to become a millionaire on the road– who would not like that?

How to win a million euro jackpot?

There are many online slots that are equipped with a so-called progressive jackpot, which means that the game’s highest profit grows every time someone plays, until a lucky winner scoop the jackpot winnings. These games with progressive jackpots are incredibly popular, this is also why Jackpots are growing so quickly up to multiple, even tens of millions.

One example is a player who won a jackpot by playing slots online scooping a total win of 3.8 million euros.

Examples of online slots with progressive jackpots are:

  • Mega Fortune

  • Millionaires Club III
  • Hall of Gods

The best part with playing slots online is that all your winnings are tax-free, as will come good handy if you are lucky enough to win some of those awesome progressive jackpots.

Join a world full of entertainment and find your own favourite among all the cool slots online!